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Why is there a hidden war on Black History?

With the recent blockage of Mr. Imhotep’s Instagram page, I thought it would be wise to acknowledge the fact that there is a WAR on BLACK HISTORY. But also on Black people in general. This is a silent and cold war that has been going on for centuries. You could say it began in 1492 when the moors were exiled out of Spain and became a catalyst for the Trans-Atlantic captives trade. Of course, the many indigenous concepts of Africa were already damaged by other events, but the Trans-Atlantic captives trade is what put the nail in the coffin.

Like in any war there are war fronts and specific battles. While in the midst of the chaos these wars aren’t clearly defined. For the next couple of weeks, I will be providing 8 fronts in which anything related to Africa is being attacked, starting with its History.

African History is very complicated due to the amount of influence it had on building humanity. You could say, African history is human history due to the origin of the original homo-sapiens. With this in mind, the African continent has some of the most diverse genetics on the planet. It’s where the concept of evolution can be truly seen. Not in terms of other primates but literal phenotypic differences amongst the African people on the continent. It’s where the first thought of “race” was created. So, being African isn’t just a name but a beautiful bloodline. Yes, we are all human, and yes we all have some sort of connection to the continent. But being a direct descendant of the continent means you hold the responsibility and privilege of having a direct bloodline to the original women and man.

The war on African history is due to the several centuries of competition and jealousy. War tactics consisted of stealing African treasures like the Great Benin artworks. As well as propaganda by media, altering, and just bluntly destroying artifacts. Here is a list of historical instances in which African History was attacked.

While these are only a few examples, the continuation of these attacks will not go away unless they be addressed. The examples above are all physical attacks but the biggest battle is the deliberate alteration of historical information. Systematic powers are able to do this because they have control of the narrative and artifacts in general. They do this by creating mainstream movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Birth of a Nation (original), 12 years a slave, and the Mummy franchise. All are forms of propaganda that allow the audience to view real-life events in a false fairy tale. With this in mind, with an already biased education system. School administrations choose not to discuss the more pivotal moments of world history. The word ‘sugarcoat’, is one of the greatest weapons against African History. Not that sugarcoating information for the youth is bad but what is actually being sugarcoated. Christopher Columbus did horrendous crimes against humanity but his legacy was protected through the water down information sold to the youth. African history is a very glorifying and even dark spot in world history. Yet the excuse of not teaching African descendants their history because it’s too dark or irrelevant is a lie. The best statement for this is… “White privilege is your history being part of core curriculum and mine being taught as an elective”.


Culture is complicated, the more in-depth you learn about African history and ethnic groups the more you realize they all have their own unique culture. It’s actually a beautiful thing, the white supremacy concept of blacks all looking the same and acting the same is almost laughable. No two groups are the same and they all have their own history. For example, Ashanti and Nuer are two completely different cultures. It’s like saying an (Afro) American and a Haitian are the same. Each culture has its own heroes and icons rather its Martin Luther King or the Haitian hero Toussaint Louverture.

Which is why establishing roots to the diaspora is a battle itself. While these new ethnic groups have created their own culture and history such as the renaissance of hip-hop culture. The neglect of their African roots is one of the greatest crimes in history. African Americans have built wonders and greatly contributed to the modern world. However, something is missing and its a spiritual and cultural connection. African Americans are in a complicated situation, genetically they have some of the most diverse genes on the planet. Many with several African ethnic groups, Native American tribes, and European ancestry. The Black American is the production of the United States and is the true child of America. Which is why the many problems with the African-Americans are a mirror image of the United States as a country. African American culture is broken into many fractions because of the mixed lineages and sometimes descendants don’t know who to aline themselves with.

How can we solve this?

Africans have to understand that there will be casualties, not in the sense of actual fighting and death but alliances. Not everyone will get out the matrix, some will remain plugged in and remained lost until a future descendant finally understand that there is still injustice. Change takes time but with the invention of social media and the worlds current political climate, the time is now to step in the right direction. And more and more people are understanding that we deserve the same treatment as all other beings of this planet.

Step one: Take control of the narrative. 

Entertainment is so powerful and underrated. Most times it is not political change that influences people but entertainment. Everyone likes a good show, which is why winning the entertainment battle of African History is the next step. There is no reason why blacks can’t profit off their ancestor’s success. It’s so much information and material that could be used. Much of the positive perceptions of African history have come off of movies or cartoons. As soon as the more pivotal African stories get told, watch how the planet changes and the perceptions of Africans (Look what Marvels Black Panther did). The great thing is, is that Blacks are moving in the right direction with reclaiming their African heritage. Which is the only way to get respect, it is about self-love. People will respect you if you respect yourself. And self-respect starts with self-love. With the production of Hidden Colors and The Great Civilizations of Africa, it has allowed greater conversation and uproar on social media. But that wont solve the issue, viewership is how you win this front. And what better way than to make an epic true story on some of the more pivotal African stories in history. Rather it’s a Saturday morning cartoon, TV show or a blockbuster movie?

Possible Physical altercation: Reclaiming Stolen African Treasures

Many museums have African treasures and despite African nations wanting to reclaim these priceless artifacts. The museums usually neglect this request in modern times. Taking over the narrative also means getting back your stuff. That’s how much of the evidence is hidden because all the artifacts aren’t in African possession anymore. While these are priceless artifacts and would be a great weapon to have back in Africa’s arsenal its not the end all be all. All the creations came from their ancestors. So, those same ideas and talents are within you, they can be recreated and even surpassed. And that’s what we are decided to do with Mr. Imhotep, you can support our action here.


Step two: Taking control of the Education System

To be honest, no nation in power wants to give you power. Which is why it is a battle, a war. The best way is independent schools, in that way the administration won’t have any strings attached if it’s done right. However, you need unity for that, which is something the Black Diaspora doesn’t have at the moment. So the best way, for now, is to protest the school system and demand a change in curriculum. At least the Social Studies and world history departments. While this is meant for African history it would also be beneficial to other minority groups who often have their history neglected as well. This could very well happen since schools are deciding to teach LBGT history and a new social movement is made “every other week”. But it is important to notice that social media is becoming the new African history school for many people. And that is why our page is under attack right now.

Step three: Practicing African culture 

At the end of the day, the only way to truly win this front is to practice African culture. To reconnect with some of the principles of the ancestors and understand that the ancestors followed the laws of Ma’at (justice), something that modern societies tend to forget. Not that we will not follow the trends of modern times. But the importance of a strong base is a must. We have to introduce the African essence into our modern lives. When your roots are deep into the ground, no matter what happens, the tree will still be there standing after the storms.

When you are out in the world, you eventually have to come home to your family…but when you get there will you bring a European or an African foundation?

Most of the platforms that we are using are against us. They don’t like to see Africans spread the truth about their history. They censor us, ban us and limit our activity in order to stop the message from spreading. And when it happens, we are completely stuck, we are not able to work or reach you anymore. Last time that it happened was really painful. They completely blocked the page, we could not even communicate and tell you what was happening. Many people thought that we gave up, while we actually were in prison. That’s why we decided as a preventive measure, to protect ourselves and use this system. It will allow us to keep our freedom of speech & to communicate even when these platforms block us. By subscribing, you will join our secret platform where they won’t be able to stop us anymore.

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