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princess Meketaten

The Tragic Story of Princess Meketaten: Second Daughter of Nefertiti

As the daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten and Great Royal Wife Nefertiti, Princess Meketaten was a prominent figure in ancient Egypt during the mid-14th century BCE. Though little is known about her, Meketaten is frequently depicted in art from this time period, often appearing alongside her sisters and royal parents in scenes of royal life.

One of the most significant events in Meketaten’s life was the relocation of the royal family to the new capital city of Akhetaten, also known as Amarna, when Meketaten was still a young child. This move was a result of Akhenaten’s religious and political reforms, including the promotion of the sun god Aten as the supreme deity and the construction of a new city at Amarna to serve as a center for the worship of Aten.

Akhenaten family sun
Stela of Akhenaten and his family

In Amarna, Meketaten is shown participating in various royal ceremonies and events, such as the Year 12 reception of foreign tributes. She is also depicted in the tombs of high-ranking officials, holding a tray of gifts and embracing her mother Nefertiti.

Despite her privileged position, Meketaten’s life was not without hardship. She is believed to have died in Year 14 of Akhenaten’s reign, either in childbirth or as a result of a plague that struck the royal family. Meketaten was likely buried in the Royal Tomb at Akhetaten, where fragments of her sarcophagus were discovered. Meketaten’s death was a great loss for the royal family, and her absence was deeply felt by her parents and siblings.

Akenhaten - Sanio
Replica of the stela created by the artist Sanio

Meketaten’s life and role in the royal court were significantly influenced by the tumultuous times in which she lived. Her father’s radical religious and political reforms reshaped ancient Egyptian society and left a lasting impact on the civilization. While Meketaten’s specific involvement in these reforms is unknown, she was certainly a witness to the drastic changes taking place in the royal court.

Despite the brevity of her life, Princess Meketaten left a lasting mark on ancient Egyptian history. She was a prominent figure during the Amarna Period, a time of great change and innovation in the ancient world. Her role in the royal court and her close relationship with her family have made her a fascinating subject for historians and archaeologists. Today, Meketaten’s legacy lives on through the many works of art and inscriptions that depict her.

Meketaten princess amarna
Bust of Princess Meketaten

These relics give us a glimpse into the life of this remarkable princess and the world in which she lived. From her early childhood in the luxurious courts of Amarna, to her untimely death in the midst of political and religious upheaval, Meketaten’s story is one of drama and intrigue.

I am excited to present you this facial reconstruction of Princess Meritaten, created based on one of her busts discovered in the city of Amarna. In creating this reconstruction, I was mindful to accurately depict her skin color as brown, as seen in her numerous depictions alongside her sisters. I hope you will enjoy this glimpse into the appearance of this remarkable princess and appreciate the care I took in accurately representing her.

Princess test Meketaten Amarna PS Meketaten princess amarna

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