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Ancient Egypt: A Mummy’s sarcophagus to be opened LIVE on TV

Discovery Channel is going to broadcast a two-hour special that will be presented by the “explorer” Josh Gates and his team. During that show, they plan to open a sarcophagus for the first time on live TV. And According to them, that sarcophagus could date back to the first Pharaohs around 3,100BC. But if we rely on Josh Gates’ previous work about Kemet that we analyzed in numerous posts, we will wait, because it is not always accurate.

The team will navigate an underground network of tunnels and chambers where 40 mummies thought to have been members of the Kemetic nobility and elite were laid to rest. Nancy Daniels, Discovery’s chief brand officer, said: “This is Discovery at its best, as we seek to uncover the history that has been buried in the sands of Kemet for millennia.” She added: “I’m excited as Josh Gates takes us on one of his most ambitious expeditions yet.” Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live will be broadcast live in the US on April 7 – although it is unclear if there will be a UK showing.

Too many questions already…

Josh Gates will present the show with the help of the TV personality Chris Jacobs and the controversial but famous Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass as well as Mostafa Waziri, Egypt’s secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. Viewers will see the team track down the sarcophagus through a maze of ancient tunnels at an unknown site. The exact location has not been disclosed to help preserve the artifacts. The identity of the mummy inside has been a mystery for millennia. Host Josh said he isn’t sure what he will find when he lifts the stone lid — but is expecting human remains.

In order to define if the mummies discovered in this show are truly important and if the discovery is relevant, we need the information about the location of that tomb and the origin of that mummy. The reason why we must be careful about that is because Kemet was a complex civilization. It has been founded by indigenous Africans who came from the south and the southwest, and who migrated North to settle around the Nile valley. So, the true nobility was made of these southern families from (Upper Kemet). So, all the great rulers of that country were indigenous of that region located in the south.

The northern part of the country (Lower Kemet), was more complex. It experienced many invasions from foreign people and was also the land for migrations. So, the population there became less and less African through time. That is why from time to time, the mummies that are discovered in that region are related to populations who live today out of Africa. That’s why when we talk about sarcophaguses and mummies found there, we have to remain careful and not generalize the information.

Josh Gates said: ”Kind of the beauty of this is, I don’t know and I think that’s the fun of it. A few years ago, [archaeologists] started making some really significant discoveries here: a series of burial shafts leading down to a network of chambers and tunnels. There’s a lot of folks buried down in these chambers. A lot of noble elite, high priests, things like that. So it’s a fascinating place to get a snapshot of this period of Egyptian history.”

But a few months ago, he also stated that the mummy known as the younger Lady and who had been identified as King Tut’s mother was Queen Nefertiti. Something that has never been proven by any genetic study available right now. So, we will wait, take our time and study everything that will be shared in that show and we will share our point of view with you. And it is important not to forget that he is also the man behind one of the most outrageous and whitewashed depiction of an ancient African queen.

We already encountered an inconsistency in the tale. They said that it could date back to the first pharaohs, but also said that it dated back to around 4,000 years ago. 4,000 years ago it was the Middle Kingdom and the first pharaohs ruled during the Early Dynastic Period which occurred around 6,000 and 5,000 years ago. It looks like the classic trick used by mainstream media who take advantage of the audience’s ignorance about this topic, to confuse them. So, we will wait and see.

  • Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live will air on Discovery in the US on Sunday, April 7, live at 8 PM ET / 5 PM PT. The Sun Online has asked Discovery if there will be a UK broadcast

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