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My African Icons – Book 2 (Pre-order)


Mr. Imhotep finally brings you the best children’s book to teach the true history of Africa to our youth. This book is adapted to kids but also to any adult who wants to learn more about African history. It is a journey back to the Golden Ages of Africa. You will discover some of the greatest icons to ever exist.

They were Emperors, Empresses, Kings, Queens, Scientists, Conquerors, and Builders.
They were Smart, Innovative, Wise, and Bold and their achievements changed the course of history. They left an indelible imprint on their people, their continent, and our world. But some of them have been forgotten or are not given credit for their accomplishments. Now, with this book, they will be honored at the height of their greatness and they will live again in our hearts.

This book will inspire and lead you to discover your TRUE SELF and activate your TRUE POTENTIAL. It is an homage to all our African ancestors and an inspiration for the future of our world.

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Dimensions7.5 × 0.3 × 9.2 cm