Located between Africa, America & Europe.

A distributed African team.

Because we are all Africans.

Our team is international. We have family members in different African countries, in America, and in Europe. Our headquarters are between these 3 continents today but chances are that we are going to pick a single location for our headquarters. To be more efficient we needed good-hearted people, and we found them in different countries. But it did not stop us from working together. It’s not always easy but we do our best to stay in touch and make it happen. The team Imhotep reflect what we think about the future of Africa, a united family.

52.366441|4.868499|Our awesome location
52.363506|4.864336|Don’t judge us for owning so many locations
52.363506|4.887446|You can have unlimited markers on your map!
52.366034|4.854391|Our Map element also supports custom coloring
52.364986|4.877393|Come visit us at our location!
52.366991|4.883476|Locations, locations, locations


You can contact us on Instagram or on facebook for a quick answer:

email: contact@mrimhotep.org

Instagram: @mister_imhotep

Facebook: @Mr.imhotepoff