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Ancient Egypt: The Discovery of Queen Hatshepsut

The Great Female Pharaoh

Queen Hatshepsut was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Kemet or Ancient Egypt. She was the second historically-confirmed female pharaoh. While the first one was Sobekneferu. No one really knew if her mummy had been discovered. In this video, you will be able to see how Zahi Hawass the Egyptian Egyptologist with his team identified an unknown mummy as the mummy of the great female pharaoh. 

Ps: It is important to see the reactions of each people in the video when they discovered the mummy. And also notice the features of the queen’s royal mummy. It’s probably the reason why some of the members of the team did not want to acknowledge that mummy as the Queen’s one. Most Royal figures of Kemet were undeniably black Africans. That’s why their original depictions are rarely shown to the public.

Very few people know about the existence of Queen Hatshepsut’s mummy. But we are always spammed with Ramses II’s mummy that has been tampered due to a treatment that the body received because of some parasites. After the treatment, the mummy looked like a European individual. It’s important to keep in mind that some mummies and artifacts are spread in order to shape the public’s idea of the ancient Kemites. But those mummies are a minority. And most of the time does not represent the people in charge of the country.

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You will notice the difference between what is shown on TV and what was the reality of Kemet.

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