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The African History Europeans Don’t Want You To Know

Destruction of The African Image

Rebranding Africa! that’s our slogan, our philosophy, our way of life. If you read our story page, or if you already follow us on social media, you probably already know that. Our mission is to help Africans but also all other people who may need it, to learn to love themselves the way they are. Because all that matters in life is self-love. People’s opinions do not matter for those who truly love themselves. When we love ourselves, we are in tune with our higher selves and nothing else matters.

But today Africans are the people with the lowest level of self-love on this planet. And this is due to the destruction of the black African image. That destruction occurred during the Renaissance when Europe started to control the planet. As you saw it in that video, Europeans erased the African greatness from History and from the Art. Today most black people are conditioned to believe that Africa is the land of poverty, that black history started with slavery, and that black skin has always been doomed and seen as inferior. But that is not true. And we have to fight those injustices. We live a lie that is creating all these injustices and misunderstandings in our societies. In order to make some progress, it’s important to take care of the African history and of the African Image. Every golden age in Africa has always been characterized by a renewal in the art. Each period was characterized by its art that symbolized a complete split with what existed before. It was the Naissance or birth of a new world. It’s important to bring that renewal when one tries to evolve and become a new version of self.

During the Renaissance, the Africans have been erased completely and African History has been completely rewritten. This was the European split from the world that existed before. The world as it had always been. When black people were Kings and queens living at peace and enjoying their lives. Today, Africa is sleeping, its people is discriminated all over the world. And very few initiatives are being taken in order to help improve that situation. That situation led to a loss of our creator’s spirit. And we believe that the time is now to take it back. We must initiate that split and Rebrand the continent.

Because by Rebranding that History, we Rebrand the continent. And by rebranding the continent, we Rebrand ourselves. We are defined according to where we come from. People are treated differently according to where they come from. All these classes, differences have been introduced during the Renaissance. And we need to erase it and renew this system. But the change will only occur if it comes from indisputable African minds like us. Let’s do it together!

If you are interested in watching the whole documentary, click on the link below:

Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTDGZNyEHSA&t=54s

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