Say hello to our team

The members of the team are the people who helped us during this journey. Some of them are freelancers, which means that the team may change in the future. We are still looking for new “permanent” members, so, if you are interested, contact us on Instagram or Facebook.

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The Artist

Part dreamer, part geek and part ice cream enthusiast. William is a young digital artist from Harare, Zimbabwe, who is always amazed by the wondrous world and who aims to help push forward the African digital art scene. He is the man behind the Imhotep Logo. He helps us bring African History to life.


The Young Editor

I am a young Anthropology-Archeologist majors and an oracle for change. I am only limited by my imagination and my willingness to stay humble. #MoreThanAnAthlete

Who's next?


Who's next? We are still looking for Editors or Artists who would like to join our team and help us Rebrand Africa.
If you are interested, send a message on Instagram or Facebook.
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Mr. Imhotep

Team Leader & Founder

Cowardice asks the question: Is it safe?
Politics asks the question: Is it popular?
Conscience asks the question: Is it right?
Do you have a conscience?



The CGI Expert

Aben is an aspiring character artist hoping to break into the CG industry.
He has experience in 3d sculpting and texturing. He's from Ethiopia, the holy country.
You will be able to see his work really soon!
[:en]Miroslav artist[:]


Concept Artist

Miroslav is a concept designer from Serbia. He grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Traveled all the way from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. Visited Kemet twice and traveled across Europe and parts of Eastern Asia. He loves to travel and experience new cultures so he can build new worlds for everyone to explore. He loves snowboarding, parkour and most extreme sports. His hobby is street photography. He loves to play games and watch movies, that's the reason why he is in this field of work.

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Most platforms that we are using are against us. They don’t like to see Africans spread the truth about their history. They censor us, ban us and limit our activity in order to stop the message from spreading. And when it happens, we are completely stuck, we are not able to work or reach you anymore. Last time that it happened was really painful. They completely blocked the page, we could not even communicate and tell you what was happening. Many people thought that we gave up, while we actually were in prison. That’s why we decided, as a preventive measure, to protect ourselves and use this system. It will allow us to keep our freedom of speech & to communicate even when these platforms block us. By subscribing, you will join our secret platform where they won’t be able to stop us anymore, and you will have exclusive access to our private content.

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